Manipulation Quick Reference

For an in-depth description, refer to my detailed route guide.

1. Lizardman


Sell 10 Potions. Buy 3 Boomerangs, 1 Escape

Secret Skills Cave

Attack Red Jelly for 8 damage

Attack Lizard for 10 damage

Attack Red Jelly for 7 damage

Cave to Sundletan

East then south

Boomerang Mushrooms for 35 and 51 damage

Attack Lizard for 16 crit damage

2x Boomerang Lizard Man for 48 and 44 damage

Escape, reenter, buffer on exit

2. Catfish


Buy 2 Potions, 7 Boomerangs

Lake Cave

Boomerang Hawks for 98 and 103 damage

After key, reset

After staircase, equip Eagle rock, use 1 potion

Dive Eagle for 71 damage

Bridge room, use 1 Potion, Reset from menu

2x Boomerang, 1 Potion, 2x Bomerang Catfish for 49, 51, 53 and 47 damage

3. Crown returned

Tia Joins the Party

Reset from menu

Save on floor tile

Boomerangs for 44, 45 and 42 damage

Strong on Maxim, Reset from Menu