Minecraft Server

The world you are viewing is currently not active on the localhorst.tv Minecraft server. The data has been archived for historical reasons.

If you wish to join this server (it is whitelisted), send an inquiry with a verifiable reference to daniel.karbach@localhorst.tv.

From time to time, I stream gameplay on this server on my Twitch.tv channel.


The following users have been active in the current level on this server:

Name Deaths Last seen Current score Hiscore Achieved on Current lifetime Longest lifetime Achieved on
HolySmoke 11 1661 1661 9h 50m 24s 9h 57m 25s
Shuibo89 5 35 35 2m 0s 2m 0s
HorstCam 6 0 0 33m 41s 3h 30m 36s



There's also interactive maps available for most Worlds/Dimensions, powered by Minecraft Overviewer, that is updated hourly.

Note: Overviewer is currently not available for 1.13, so no interactive map for now, sorry. I did a static render with a beta branch, it has some glitches obviously, but better than nothing.


There are 5 worlds stored on this server: